June, 1998
Number 30

IBM recently released an update to their version of the DOS operating system. PC DOS 2000 corrects the Year 2000 problem found in IBM's PC DOS 7 and supports the European Monetary Union's euro currency symbol. It is estimated that 120 to 150 million people in the world still using DOS. IBM is the only company that continues to update and support a DOS operating system. Novell no longer offers its version of DOS and Microsoft has stopped enhancing it version. (Source: InternetWeek, 6/1/1998)

According to the Pew Research Center's biennial survey of the Press, the number of Americans using the Internet for their news has more than tripled in the past three years. The survey of 3,002 adults showed that 20% now access the Internet at least once a week to get news.

Those accessing the Internet for news tend to be under 30, have some college education or a college degree and have family incomes over US$30,000 a year. Men currently outnumber women, although the number of women is growing a much faster rate than that for men.

News on the Internet is not replacing but is used to supplement the traditional sources of news. More than half of the survey respondents said that they use the Internet to find more about something they first learned about through the traditional news sources. The most popular news sites are hobbies & recreation, science and health, online forums, technology news and financial information on stocks or bonds. (Source:, 6/29/1998)

Twenty years ago, Intel introduced the 4.77 MHz microprocessor. Apple began production of a 5.25" floppy drive costing US$495. Two employees were able to handle the daily production of 30 drives.

Going back to fifty years ago, Bell Labs held a press conference announcing the invention of the transistor. Also that year, the University of Manchester in England created the first computer that could run a program that had been stored in electronic memory. (Source: Computerworld, 6/1/1998)

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